Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Investing in Survey Software: Is It worth It?

Survey software is one of the smartest tools your company can use to research its customers, employees, market, and more. But it’s important to also choose the right survey software. Currently, there are three categories of online survey software available:
Ø  Basic Software: This software has limited features, none or poor analysis options, no customization options, and very little research value. It’s used by friends for social reasons, not by researchers.
Ø  Affordable Survey Software: This online survey software is loaded with all of the tools you need to run your research. The platform can sometimes be basic, and often you need an additional program like Excel for detailed analyses, but it meets most of your needs at an affordable price.
Ø  Enterprise Survey Software: Large corporations purchase Enterprise online survey software that is capable of high-level research – It can run and analyze complex data, and work within research guidelines to provide top quality reports and results.
These are three very distinct categories, each one offering not only offering a very different feature set, but also significantly different costs as well. Basic software is free, affordable survey software costs are reasonable, and enterprise survey software is expensive – often Rupees 1,00,000 or more per year, depending on scope.
But in the last several years, things have changed. Affordable survey software programs, like SurveyJunction, have developed all of the exact same features as the Enterprise survey software at a fraction of the cost.
Over the last few years, enterprise survey software hasn’t improved at all, while SurveyJunction survey software has been able to program, test, and release all of the same exact features without adjusting their costs. For less than 1% of the cost of enterprise level software, you can avail all of the exact same functionality with none of the price tag or commitment.

If your company has ever considered investing in enterprise level software before, try SurveyJunction first. The difference in quality is nearly nonexistent, while the cost savings can improve your ROI exponentially.

10 Reasons to select Survey Junction

1. With numerous question structures you can create nearly any type of survey question.
2. SurveyJunction is one of the easiest to use survey software packages on the market.
3. Create as many surveys as you want – no limits!
4. Customer Support available for any queries or questions.
5. Real time data analysis. Your reports are updated in real-time. No waiting!
6. Unlimited user access to your published reports.
7. Integration with Microsoft Office applications and Adobe PDF. Export your data to Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint.
8. Customize your surveys.
9. Create reports with graphics to help drive profitable business decisions.

10. Don’t start from scratch. Select and copy any of our questions from our question bank.